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Kashyaye (Passion)

Kashyaye :- It means internal desires which moves us in all kinds of activities in our daily life. So as long as we have kashyaye we will keep taking birth again and again.

There are 4 kinds of Kashyaye:-

Krodh (Anger) :- It destroys relationship, friendliness. We should love and forgive.
One day Arjun asked his mother to give him some money for buying an icecream but his mother didn't give him. Then Arjun went in a corner and sat quitely. So this is anger kashyaya.

Maan (Ego) :- It makes us stubborn. We should respects others.
Vibhushan requested Ravan to ask for forgivenes from Ram and return him his wife Sita back. Ravan didn't do that. So this is maan (ego) kashyaya.

Maya (Deceit) :- It leads to loss of trust. We should be simple.
Sorabha does not like to study at all he likes to play all the time but when his mother comes and check what is he doing he quickly picks a book and starts to act as if he is studying. So this is maya (deceit)kashyaya.

Lobh (Greed) :- It makes us selffish. We should learn to share with others.
Rita needed one pen but she forced her mother to buy lots of pens. So this is lobh (greed) kashyaya.

These four krodh, maan, maya and lobh can be grouped into two categories:

Rag (attachment) is formed from maya and lobh
Dwesh (hatred) is formed from krodh and maan.