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Indriya (Sense)

Sense :- We have sense organs that help us to know the world. There are 5 types of senses which are:

Sparsh (Touch) : - By which jeev can make touch and feel how it is (hot, cold , heavy etc)
Rasna (Tongue) :- By which jeev can taste how it is (sweet, sour, spice etc)
Gran (Nose) :-By which jeev can smell how it is ( etc)
Chakshu (Eyes) :- By which jeev can see what it is and what color is it (red, blue etc)
Sthothr (Ears):- By which jeev can hear the sound (loud, slow etc)

There are 5 different kinds of living things according to jainism:-

Living beings with one sense organ :- Plant, earth, water, fire and air. They have touch sense.
Living beings with two sense organ :- Example Worm. They have touch and taste sense.
Living beings with three sense organ :- Example Ant They have touch, taste and smell sense.
Living beings with four sense organ :- Example Butterfly. They have touch, taste, smell and see sense.
Living beings with five sense organ :- Example Humans,bird. They have touch, taste, smell, see and hear sense.