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Paap :- Any kind of bad thing you do.

There are 5 types of paap:-

Hinsa (Violence) :- By making any living thing sad, giving pain, troubling or hurting is hinsa.
A mosquito was biting you and you kill it.

Jhuth (Lie) :- Anything you saw or heard you don't tell it in the same way is jhuth.
Pragya took out some money from her mother's purse without permission and then when her mother asked if she had taken out the money from her purse Pragya refused.

Chori (Steal) :- If someone dropped, kept, or forgot his/her things and without his/her permission you take it is chori.
Mother kept some money on the table and went in her room. Gita went there and picked the money and never told her mother about it. After that Gita went to the market and bought some pens for her herself.

ku-sil :- To think or see another woman, girl men or boy with bad thinking is ku-sil
In Ramayan Ravan picked Sita and took her to his place. Ravan intension was wrong.

Parigrah :- To collect more then required property, house, jewelry money etc is parigrah
Gita went to the market to buy only 1 pencil for her school work but she bought 15 pencils which she didn't need.